The Haakon Ragde Foundation has played a leading role in the development of this technique at a global level, and chosen Malaga as a base for a pioneering research centre to cover all of Europe.


The Haakon Ragde Foundation is one of the largest centres for the study and research on cryosurgery. Dr. Haakon Ragde, chairman and founder of the not-for-profit research centre, has been one of the researchers to dedicate greatest effort to the fight against cancer. He was one of the first to perform a bone marrow transplant for leukaemia and the first in the world to apply interstital prostate radiotherapy (Brachytherapy) Dr. Haakon Radge has spent his entire life innovating without the fear of exploring new boundaries.


There are only two countries in the world where work has been carried out on this technique.  United States (Seattle and California) and the Philippines, where the most important clinical studies have been achieved with positive and hopeful preliminary results.