Cryosurgery in the thorax has been carried out since 2009, when the first patient was operated on. Since then, this technique has become widespread in countries such as Taiwan, United States, China, Mexico, United Kingdom and Italy.

It is a minimally invasive procedure and is recommended for cases where conventional surgery is not possible, such as previous lung surgery or for patients who are older or very young.  It is performed in a controlled way using CT guidance with local anaesthetic.  A 1-2 day hospital stay is required.

The risks and complications such as pneumothorax and haemorrhages, are very rare and slight, and can be controlled with minimally invasive techniques, without the need for major intervention.  Cryosurgery acts by freezing the cancer cells for their subsequent reabsorption.  This technique is recommended in cases of both benign and malignant cells.

 CRIOCIRUGÍA MÁLAGA. Cáncer de Pulmón.from ICCC Criocirugía Málaga.


Dr.Franco Lugnani explains cryosurgery operation to which this patient underwent attended by Torrecillas, Martos and Cueto doctors. His condition was delicate given his advanced age and medical history and a staff that complicated.

Cryosurgery is presented once again, as the only alternative to a case in which the hope was practically lost. Thanks to the intervention of the medical team specialized in the patient cryosurgery is enjoying their health at home.


CRIOCIRUGÍA MÁLAGA. Cáncer pared torácica. from ICCC Criocirugía Málaga.

This is the case of a patient who has suffered for years from a multitherapy processes due to cancer. It has a complicated medical history, due to radiation, has resulted in a recurrence of radiation-induced malignant tumor in the chest wall.

Dr. Antonio Cueto explains as the best solution in this case is cryosurgery. Always local anesthesia, controlling every movement with TAC and a minimally invasive for the patient to have a perfect recovery.