The procedure is performed by puncture of a cryoneedle using ultrasound guidance. This technique to cause destruction in an ambulatory, safe, and virtually painless way, with impressive aesthetic results and without cosmetic damage for the patient.

International clinical studies cryoablation determine that this procedure allows an operation to alter the effective tissue for the treatment of fibroadenoma whose relevance is manifested in the beneficial results for the patient.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfsdxxxkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Based on these studies, the American Association of Breast Surgery has produced a report with recommendations to address these patient following criteria:

- The injury must be visible by ultrasound (sonographically visible).

- The diagnosis must be confirmed by histological study.

- Treat lesions have a maximum diameter of 3 centimeters.

Cryosurgery in breast cancer is performed by puncture of a very fine cryoneedle under ultrasound monitoring which enables safe and painless destruction of the tumour, with wonderful therapeutic and aesthetic results.  It is an ambulatory process.

Cryosurgery therapy for breast cancer can be performed with interesting results but in very selected cases and studies monitored and approved by the regulatory authorities (Ministry of health, Ethical Committee for Health and the Collegial and Hospital Medical Organisation).

In the USA over the last 10 years, studies have been carried out on possibility of treating benign lesions which can cause problems due to their growth or alterations in size which causes physical and psychological damage.

The excellent cosmetic results of cryosurgery not create visible scars. Not being required physical removal of tissue deformation is avoided and the impact on the profile of the breast. It is a quick procedure, between 15 and 20 minutes long depending on the area treated and the patient's circumstances. In addition, no pain, and the patient can return to normal activity immediately.