In those cases where the tumour is located in intimate contact with the peritoneal cavity and the intestinal viscera, cryosurgery can be applied in association with laparoscopy surgery in order to avoid any collateral damage.

Treatment takes longer and requires the patient to stay in hospital for 48 hours. It is performed inserting micro tubes under the skin. Thanks to their built-in camera, we have a live screening of what we are doing.

With the help of an ultrasound scanner, we can place the cryoprobes and destroy the cancer cells by applying temperatures reaching -192°C.

This technique is especially recommended for kidney tumours smaller than 4 cm, but more specifically for: patients with only one kidney and for whom conventional surgery is contraindicated, those who are relapsing, and those that are located near the renal hilum.

As with the other cases, periodical tests are carried out to make sure that there is no tumour relapse, or in order to treat it at an early stage if present. Kidney cancer can show relapse in the contralateral or the same kidney.